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Dr. Amitabh Singh | The Feelancer

Dr. Amitabh is the Founder, CEO & Chief Spiritual Mentor of ‘Aadyanta – The Science of Life’. Dr. Amitabh is a Management Graduate from University of Chicago and a Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences from University of Cincinnati, followed by a Post-Doctoral studies in Vedic Management from Maharishi Overseas University. He has an experience of over 15 years, dedicated to services in the welfare and wellness of fellow beings in the corporate world.  He is involved in R&D of Alternative Medicine and Bio-energetic Medicine and Complementary Healing & Wellness Sciences.

The Feelancer team had a chance to catch up with Dr. Amitabh for a discussion on his consulting practice.

Please provide a brief about your consulting firm’s profile.

Aadyanta Life is a spiritual provider of Education, Experiences and Training based on our Ancient Vedic Literature and Sciences. Aadyanta Life aims to improve the health and well-being of body, mind and spirit by leading people to live a Medicine Free Body and Stress Free Mind.

Embedded in Love and founded with a sole mission to help people seek harmony and balance and to be one with their surroundings, AadyantaLife’s aims to redefine lifestyles through well-known traditional Indian wellness regimes of Yoga, Meditation, Pranic-Healing, Vastu, Bio-energies, combined with the knowledge of Vedanta and offering everyone the best of Wellness Experiences to bring about the union of Mind, Body and Spirit. Aadyanta Life aims to educate and inspire seekers across the globe to better themselves and people around them.

Please provide a brief overview of your service(s).

Aadyanta Life provides following services for a complete, optimal & mindful living:

  • Spiritual Life Coaching for Business Entrepreneurs
  • Lifestyle Wellness Programs based on Mindfulness
  • Alternative Medicine based Wellness and Healing Therapies
  • Guidance based on Astro-Sciences
  • Bio–Energetic Consultation based on the principle of Vastu and Fengshui

What inspired you to start your practice/ start offering the above service?

What preceded my journey into the emerging, adaptable, yet lesser known sciences are all about my own personal experiences that I faced on my personal health in the Corporate Life. Is there a way where we can keep our body healthy without Medicines? Where do we come from and where do we go? Is there a life beyond? Why do beings experience emotional blockages, physical illnesses, setbacks and hardships in life? Why do some beings are blessed and equally some unfortunate? Is there a thought that needs to be known within to know this?

What is your target market? Who are the clients whom you think can immensely benefit from the services your firm provides?

AadyantaLife works with all categories of people, covering Students, Corporate Clients, 1 budding startups and young Entrepreneurs, Self Employed Professionals, Home Makers and Senior Citizens. With our Mission of Medicine Free Body and Stress Mind, AadyantaLife aims to work with every citizen and realize them their purpose of life.

 What has been the most challenging part of your journey till now?

Making people realize the effectiveness and value of Alternative Healing sciences and therapies has been the most difficult part of my healing journey. Though almost all the Alternative Therapies and sciences have their root in our ancient Vedic Literature, people today, search for quick-fix and temporary solutions to their problems neglecting and avoiding long-term and stable solutions. Allopathic sciences today offer quick remedies, however we all are aware now that they are doing more damage to humans than anyone else.  Entrepreneurs facing business challenges, common man struggling with terminal illnesses or long term disabling diseases arising out of stress, anxiety and depression need to look outside the preview of modern medicine and come home to understand the power of our very own ancient and well established sciences of wellness abundance and consume them to improve their lives and lives of others.

Energy Sciences work on the principle of “Inside – Out Healing”, and it takes a defined time for the results to come and therefore becomes unpopular. What further add to the disbelief of people in these sciences is the hijacking of these sciences by quack practitioners who with their little or half knowledge has bring bad name to this wonderful and amazing science.  

What has been your/your firms’ biggest achievement?

As a group our biggest achievements has been happiness and self- realization, these sciences has brought, in the lives of people who have always been pursuing a balance between materialism and spirituality. Wellness retrieved in the lives of the people and empowering them with beautiful concept of ‘Medicine Free Body and Stress Free Mind’ remains our biggest achievement.

 What are your future plans? What should clients look for in future from you in next few years?

AadyantaLife aims to launch the World 1st Alternate Sciences University lead by the people equipped with deep understanding and great knowledge of these sciences, followed by World Wide Wellness Centers based on knowledge derived from our Ancient scriptures and practices keeping balance and harmony with MIND-BODY-SPIRIT to achieve Wellness in body and Abundance in Life is what. AadyantaLife aims to train and nurture spiritual entrepreneurs to take forward the sole mission of ‘Medicine Free Body and Stress Free Mind’ to people.

 If you have to share one tip for success, what would that be?

Connect with one’s Higher Self for inner intuitive guidance is one way for sure success.

What is the one mistake that you feel individuals must avoid?

Copying others and self comparisons with others should be avoided. Individuals are products of their genes and their accumulated past life Karma. People need to operate from their higher consciousness to move ahead and take their life journey forward.

Please share the details of some of your awards/accolades.

Endless Smiles and Prayers we receive from our Clients and Well-Wishers have been our only awards, we received in the last fifteen years. Offering a Healthy and Happy and Abundant life to people is the mission Team Aadyanta Life works for.

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