Featured Consultant | Interview With Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg is the author of ‘Superwomen’, collection of journeys from 20 women entrepreneurs. She is also a serial entrepreneur, after failing in her first start-up “Managing Minds”, she started “Ghoomophiro.com”, which is pioneer in organizing corporate travel and have recently extended to solo women travel.

The Feelancer team had a chance to catch up with Prachi Garg for a discussion on her consulting practice.

Please provide a brief about your profile/ your firm’s profile.

A computer science graduate from Miranda House and an MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Prachi Garg is a founder of Ghoomophiro.com, a one stop shop for corporate team outings. She recently authored her maiden book “Superwomen”, which pens down the journey of women entrepreneurs. She also delivers workshops in various b-schools on entrepreneurship and her second book “Better Halves of Startups” is on the way.

 Please provide a brief overview of your product(s) or service(s).

At ghoomophiro we organize corporate team events. Recently, we ventured into women solo event as well. We also engage with various tourism boards and other travel partners in their brand building activities through our blog, which boasts of amongst top 10 travel blog in India.

 What inspired you to start ghoomophiro.com?

My innate nature to travel inspired me to start ghoomophiro.com. Always wanted to do something on my own, since childhood. What better it could be to start something, that gives you travel opportunities

What is your target market? Who are the audience whom you think can immensely benefit from ghoomophiro.com?

All corporates, who would like to for team outings, have fixed budgets but do not want to spend time in narrowing down place benefits from us most as we are the one stop shop for corporate team events to unexplored places. We also help solo women to find women travel partners and facilitate women travel and ensure all their safety measures.

 What has been the most challenging part of your journey till now?

Providing Quality Service to all my clients, as things change at the drop of hat with smallest of negligence. Ensuring continuous service with increasing clients is challenging.

 What has been your/your firm’s biggest achievement?

Achieving break even in one six month of start.  Getting repeat costumers.

 What are your future plans? What should the audience look for in future from you in next few years?

Expanding Women Solo Travel to larger audience. We are in the process of few international collaborations. This will surely help ghoomophiro to facilitate corporate team events both nationally and internationally.

 If you have to share one tip for success, what would that be?

Never get carried away with hiccups of life. Every problem comes with a solution. Keep Moving!

 What is the one mistake that you feel individuals must avoid?

Lack of proper execution planning with start up idea. They should not jump in without diving deep into the idea. Instead, they should think, understand and make the next move with planning of at-least 6 months.

 Please share the details of some of your awards/accolades.

  • Author of book Superwomen, which has been under 5 in non-fiction chart for quite sometime.
  • Featured in yourstory/femina and all major startup portals
  • Featured in Exhibit magazine as top 10 women who made big online.

Any other information you would like to share.

Details of my Book – Superwomen is a journey of women entrepreneurs who made big at a very young age.

My Social Media Profiles

  • Twitter- @prachimadri
  • Instagram- @prachi1905


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