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Sanjeev Kotnala, Founder INTRADIA World is a lively professional devoted to enhancing potential and capabilities of client’s team. He works in the area of Brand & Marketing adviser. He is a certified NLP practitioner and a ICF accredited life, Mid life transition and Maser Spirit Coach.
He has 28+ years of experience of working with some leading brands.

The Feelancer team had a chance to catch up with Sanjeev Kotnala for a discussion on his consulting practice.


Please provide a brief about your profile/ your consulting firm’s profile.

Sanjeev Kotnala ( PGDM IIM Ahmedabad)  is Brand marketing professional with more than 29 years of corporate experience.  He has worked in leading advertising agencies Lintas, JWT and Mudra across large spectrum of brands. His last assignment before he started INTRADA WORLD was as VP, National Head- Marketing for Dainik Bhaksar group, India’s largest newspaper group.
Sanjeev writes a weekly column Kotmartial every Wednesday in maxmindia.com and blogs at ‘Perception adulterated with reality’ at sanjeevkotnala.com

 Please provide a brief overview of your product(s) or service(s).

INTRADAI WORLD focuses on three broad areas.

  1. Brand and marketing advisory. Currently working with a brand in Dairy and dairy
    products, A travel portal, a Research firm and a Fashion house.
  2. Unique  Workshops. IdeaHARVEST – Solving open-ended opportunity creatively. InNOVation-
    Innovating now and here. LIBERATE – introducing 33 inclusive processes of
    discussion and decision making. I-BRAND—Treating self as a brand
  3. Training in area of Creativity (Think in&out of the box) and other soft skills.

Intradai WORLD aims  to ENHANCE human capital possibilities at the client side. It works with transfer f the knowledge and the practice, so as to arm the associate with tools for future use.

What inspired you to start your practice/ start offering the above product or service?

It has been planned start to self-practice. I think everyone must at some stage work for himself or herself. There is that freedom to push the envelope and think through the idea. You are there to take the ideas to final implementation. Though self-practice is more passionate and involved with a 365X24X7 approach – far more than corporate world ever can be—it still leaves you with quality time to do what you really want.

There are many factors in addition to sharing capabilities and learning with a larger audience. One understood that thinking is largely misunderstood, Creative thinking is confusing, Innovation is seen as ‘juggad’ and Solution approach to opportunity with tools seems to be in under supply. Moreover people in business have been  highly insecure and protective to the level of being counter productive in terms of real knowledge transfer.

I see this as an opportunity and am passionate about the subject

What is your target market? Who are the clients whom you think can immensely benefit from the services your firm provides?

It may sound cliched but the clients I love working with have few clear identities. They are willing to join the conversation with open mind. They are ready to experiment and learn. They are confident to be willing to do things that may not have any precedent. They are not hierarchy conscious at least for the source of idea.
I enjoy working established owner driven companies with hunger to grow or in generation transition, young startups wanting to prove and learning driven organizations.

What has been the most challenging part of your journey till now?

Challenges are part of a independent life.  One of the most challenging part has been the new found respect towards fairly obvious back-end support in an organization, realizing the value of it creates.  Challenging has been to go out of your own comfort zone with conviction and hence been able to appreciate an entrepreneur or a business owner mindset when a non-regular decision is taken which has  disruptive impact on People, process and products.

What has been your/your firms’ biggest achievement?

My work with a well known Dairy and dairy products company ‘Dinshaws’ has been fairly challenging and satisfying. They work across diverse categories, product and consumer segments and yet the Brand Dinshaws holds it all together.

What are your future plans? What should clients look for in future from you in next few years?

The basic foundation of ENHANCING HUMAN CAPITAL & KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER  will always remain core to Intradia World. The clients I understand  look for a honest partner in their growth and to face the challenges. This is what Intradia delivers.

Additionally I  will be aiming to create a series of associates across cities to be able to deliver some of the Unique Programmes – so as to impact  maximum number of people

If you have to share one tip for success, what would that be?

Believe in yourself. Be honest to your trade. Be honest to yourself.

What is the one mistake that you feel individuals must avoid?

Don’t be emotionally engaged while evaluating the solutions.
Not only think why- but do think WHY NOT.
Don’t promise something that you know you are incapable of delivering.

Please share the details of some of your awards/accolades.

  1. Gold medal –Engineering- JNKVV 1985
  2. EMMVIES – Dainik Jagran environmental Campaign ( 2003)
  3. ABBY – Publisher Abby – Dainik Bhaskar ( 2014)
  4. Featured in India’s 50 Brand Builders (2008)
  5. INMA – Best campaign ( Silver )- 2010

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