Some Easy Ways To Manage The Morale Of The Employees

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Do you feel that the environment of the office have suddenly become dull and there are no vibes of excitement running through? You must be wondering as an employer or an HR manager what is wrong.Most of the times this is because of the fact that morale of the employees has drastically been affected and needs some change in the policies or regular day to day activities. If you are not sure you can always look out for subtle hints like disgruntled talks, lack of collaboration among teams and less retention of employees.

Low morale is one of the biggest causes of concern for any employer of HR manager as it leads to lower productivity of the whole organisation and also leads to lower recruitment. These are all hindrances to the company’s objectives and that is why managers should be focused, seeking out any hints that show that there is a morale breakdown among the employees. If you are wondering if there are any easy ways through which you can manage the morale of the employees, the following tips will help you.

  • Revamp some of the working policies

Feedback is something which is going to play an important part if you are looking to understand the morale levels of the employees. Create a feedback form and mail everyone with the option to answer it anonymously. This will let you know the clear picture of the situation and what changes they seek in the company policies.

If you feel that some of the changes suggested by the majority of the employees can be practically applied, then you should definitely go for it. Policies are meant to make employees feel comfortable, so if it is the reason for their low morale, there is definitely something wrong with it.

  • Maintain a definitive work culture

Work culture, though to a great extent is dependent on the employees, is highly governed by the employer or HR policies of the organisation. Maintain a work culture where everybody feels valued. Do not let workplace bullies thrive in your organisations. Provide strict rules against such bullying and also provide the required transparency to show  that there is no discrepancy among the hierarchical levels. The most important thing that you can do to improve the morale of the employees is to make it feel like more than just a job.

  • Set realistic goals and take into context the ambitions of the team

If you are a manager, make sure that you set realistic goals that can be achieved or slightly pushed in order to get a better result. But if you want the morale of the employees to get down, you can always set unrealistic goals that will piss off a lot of people. Also, understand that team has an ambition and you should know very well that they are eager to achieve something.

Want to bring in fun to disrupt the heaviness of the workload? You can create fun team goals that will raise the morale and make everyone feel happy. It may be simple as a puzzle competition or an indoor game competition if you have a games room.

  • Make sure that you celebrate accomplishments

Who does not love appreciation? Sometimes a little bit of praise can boost the morale of the employees a lot. But if you can make it something more special, it will remain up for a long time. This, in turn, will help in increasing the morale and productivity of the rest of the team members. A lot of surveys have been done by the top job sites in the world and they all come to the same conclusion that most of the job changes are because they have a bad boss or have never received any appreciation for their work.

  • Give ample time to employees to pursue their personal goals

Employees after spending eight or more hours a day in the week do not expect to be burdened with more work. They also have their hobbies or personal goals to pursue. Make sure that they do not have to go home and slog again instead of pursuing their personal goals. You can also give them the chance to pursue their personal goals which can be associated with the company’s business goals. This is going to benefit both parties and also improve the morale of the employees.

  • Include everyone in decision making for team outings, parties, etc.

Employees need to feel that they are a part of the bigger picture of the organisation and not just a member. So when it comes to team activities like outing or parties, you can take ideas from everyone and act accordingly. This will make them feel they play an integral role in the functioning of the team.

It is not easy to always track on each and every individual morale levels. You can use the help of feedback as mentioned above and understand the core problems related to the suffering of the team morale. Take the above steps and you can see that the there is a lot of changes in the morale of the team in the days to come.

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