How Feelance Co. is Disrupting Social Media Management for SMEs.


There are hundreds of thousands of SMEs in India. Many of them make good money and have been profitable for years and decades. The biggest problem that they face is that they have been stuck at the same size for years- be it revenue or number of clients. The biggest reason for the same is that they work with just a handful of clients year in and year out.

In today’s world whenever anyone searches for a vendor to provide a service or a product, the first thing they do is to search on Google. Even if one reaches out to new clients to offer their services, the first thing they do is check your presence on the Internet. The more the Internet references available for your business, the better is clients perception of your credibility. Majority of the SMEs do not have a clue on how to manage their online presence. Even if they know, it they do not have the resources to execute the same.

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Feelance Co. has launched Digital Edge Social Media Packages for business professionals and SMEs to help them manage their online presence via different social media channels such as a Professional Blog, LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter. “Feelance Co. has built a team of social media experts for not only creating the online presence but also maintaining the presence on an ongoing basis” says Harshdeep Rapal, co-founder and CEO of Feelance Co.

The initiative is seeing a keen interest from SMEs across the country who have till now been missing on the online presence. “Till now we have helped more than fifty clients create and manage their online presence. Almost all of them have seen a substantial jump in their online presence and inbound enquiries” adds Harshdeep.

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