Personal Branding: Unbelievably Easy and FREE.


Everyone today realizes the importance of branding. There are multiple online tools and resources available for personal as well as business branding. Building a strong brand using these tools goes a log way in establishing credibility with your customers. Contrary to the popular belief that a lot of effort goes in building your brand, it doesn’t take much to build a strong online presence using the online tools and resources. Still, only a few are able to use these online tools and build a strong online brand for themselves and their business. The ONLY factor that differentiates these ‘few’ is CONSISTENCY. Although building your online presence requires very little effort, it has to be done consistently.

Having talked to and worked with a lot of independent consultants and small consulting firms, I get to know their busy schedules and how it becomes very difficult for them to maintain consistency in investing time and resources in their online brand. There is a cure for the same too. There are ways and methods to put in a consistence effort in brand building. One can outsource the social media pages, blog, newsletter etc. to freelancers or consultants and consulting firms who specialize in personal and business branding. But, the biggest issue that comes here is the skill and the quality of services offered by the consultants. If one is sure of the quality of services, it becomes easy to maintain consistency in the efforts to build the brand around you and your business.

How can Feelance Co. help?

Feelance Co. is working with some of the best consultants to offer packages for managing your online presence in a consistent and a very effective manner. The packages start as low as Rs1,999 per month and have been configured to suit individuals, startups and SMEs. The packages can be configured according to individual needs and the business requirements.

For free consulting on the online channels suitable for your requirements and avail the Feelance Co. Social Media packages, reach out at or

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  1. Wonderful! The social media package is nice and lets kick start the work from November.

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