Use Publicity to Get People Talking About Your Business


It can be hard to cut through the noise to promote your business, and it’s just as hard to decide how to focus your efforts. Fresh content, social media, video, and email are standard marketing tools—but don’t forget the power of the publicity.

Publicity (aka media relations) is a traditional approach to helping your business look good. The way we share information has changed, and the media industry has changed along with it; many traditional publications have moved their operations and audiences online, while digital-first media have been added to their ranks.

That evolution has changed the way business owners things about publicity, but it’s potential to get your name in front of a new crowd—and fuel your other promotional efforts—make it well worth your consideration. 

Give your press release purpose

The press release has long been a standard tool for PR professionals: It’s an official statement that answers key questions about a topic—who, what, where, when, why, and how—in one concise document.

“Not only do [press releases] get your news out and increase your search engine optimization (SEO), they help you organize your thoughts and messages, which play into other marketing and communication initiatives.”

In “When It Comes to Press Releases, Are You Crying Wolf?” Michelle Messenger Garrett answers two critical questions. The first is how often an organization should send out a press release—after all, you don’t want people to forget about your business. The answer, she says, is when (and if) you have something newsworthy to say.

Second, she explains what “newsworthy” means—it might not be what you think! Too many organizations use press releases in ways that are more nuisance than informative, she says, which is counterproductive if you ever want reporters to pay attention to your efforts.

Give the media something good to work with

Michelle Messenger Garrett isn’t the only one who emphasizes the importance of newsworthiness. In “3 Tips to get Major Media Coverage,” TechDay says it’s the first thing you need to address when you want to start pitching the media—followed closely by establishing your online reputation.

“If your site and social media following need more work to appear robust and legitimate, take the time to build up your catalog of content.”

Also important to any publicity campaign? Being specific. Tailor each email to the publication you’re targeting and explain why it matters to their audience. If you can offer something exclusive, like an interview, all the better.

Get PR help if you need it

 You should understand:

  • Your business goals
  • Your expectations of what an expert might provide and accomplish
  • Your budget and available resources

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