Using Content Marketing For Your Business

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It might be tempting to write off content marketing as little more than a buzzword or the latest trend in PR, but the results businesses get from it far outweigh the hype. With consumers growing wary of marketing techniques that interrupt or go for the hard sell, content marketing is an approach that engages them on a different level.

More and more companies are investing in this approach, and a solid content-driven battle plan might be just the thing you need to amplify your marketing. Three in four businesses turn to content marketing over more traditional marketing tactics.

When to Use Freelancers for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Taking on a new approach to drive customers to your brand and engage with your audience can be a slow transition. For many fast-moving companies, freelancers can help pivot a marketing strategy and get things rolling immediately.

 3 limitations that create opportunities for you to think “outside the office.”

  • Budget restrictions: You don’t have the headcount or the need to add new full-time employees to tackle the project, but still need to get the work done.
  • Limited skill sets: Your existing team members don’t have the specialized skills needed to craft effective content to boost your marketing plans.
  • Limited resources: You don’t have an in-house design team, and re-allocating existing staff to create content might hamper other existing projects and duties.

How to Generate Great Content Ideas

Finding balance between the right volume and the right type of content can multiply the value you get from your content marketing strategy. Done well, content market can yield significantly better results at less than a third of the cost of traditional marketing. How do you determine which content will give you the biggest bang for your buck?

The process includes outlining goals for your campaign and rating each content idea based on a system that factors in potential reach, volume, and benefit to your company. The article also focuses on the importance of having a good content strategy, and it offers common stumbling blocks to avoid as you plan everything out.

Amplify Your Content’s Effectiveness

Instead of churning out a high volume of content to deluge an audience, companies are finding success by taking the time to create reusable must-share information. Captivating interest and inspiring people to share your content can help your message spread, boosting your effectiveness without adding to the time and energy you have to put into it.

This approach hinges on high-value content that’s stripped of formatting and given key metadata tags so it can easily be accessed on any device and in numerous search scenarios. The article also digs deeper into the usefulness of intelligent content and how it can enhance your marketing plans.

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